Mark Shadle, North Harris College
I have heard [Velma Smith] speak on several occasions....Her style is charismatic and motivational.

Alan Hall
Her programs are thought provoking, and when she is presenting, she rocks the house.

Delores, Dwight Correctional Center
Velma took Biblical stories and added black dialect. She had us crying, laughing, singing and reminiscing....

Sandy Shugart
Your words carried authentic grace and wisdom. And you spoke them like a song we all remembered, but hadn’t sung in too long a time.

Lisa Schultz, NHC
She's a dynamic speaker--very motivational and articulate.

Pat Sxmania, NHC
I liked hearing a trained voice coming from the stage….

Rockford Mid-West Observer
   There’s always something hypnotic in hearing poetry — good, honest, true poetry — read aloud. It strikes akin of live theatre…. Live poetry strikes hard the matter and substance of one’s individual life and soul.
   Velma’s performance was nothing less than superb….

Tiffany Jackson
   I would like to thank you cordially for coming to the Yowzah Retreat and presenting. You are a very gifted storyteller. This is apparent because soon after you began to recite, I forgot I was simply “listening” to a poem. The poetry and stories came to life. Through you, I saw, heard, and felt the characters speaking to me directly. I also appreciate the fact that you are caring enough to be concerned with my story and current situation—and that you would be willing to consider lending a helping hand after just meeting me.
   Thank you, also, for sponsoring us for the weekend. I have had a wonderful time with the breath-taking surroundings. Thank you for our gifts.

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